About Us

Estelar is a collection of women and men’s clothing, designed and curated by Esther Camacho in the caribbean city of Playa del Carmen (Mexico), where all the production is done.

Her collection embodies all that she is: a free spirit, beachy and bohemian, with a strong love for her friends, fashion, dance and laughs. 

She have a way of making every woman and man feel happy, wild, free and confident. You are sure to be noticed and complimented when wearing one of Estelar’s designs.

Esther started designing for herself when she was 28 years old, and when she used her designs, many times unknown women stopped her on the street to ask her where she had bought that dress!. More and more friends and acquaintances wanted to buy those same dresses, so she decided to create her own clothing brand that she officially launched in 2018.

As a nature lover, Esther tries to make both, the creation process and the fabric used as ethical and sustainable as possible, for that reason she only works with linen and all production is local.


Become one of the tribe and feel what it’s like to wear Estelar.
Peace & Love.

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